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How to draw a Gran portrait

Step by Step

What you will need ...

Are you drawing or painting?

I am drawing - you will need:

- A black and white print out of Gran's pic

- A 30 cm ruler

- HB (and 2B, 6B if you have them) pencils

- A rubber

- Some good quality cartridge (drawing) paper (.e.g Cass art do a 200gsm pad).

I am painting - you will need:

- All of the things listed for a drawing plus,

- Some white and black paint. Probably the simplest to handle are small tubes of gouache (water based, easily available from cass art). For the more adventurous there are acrylic paints which you mix with water but which dry to a plastic finish so you can't get them off clothes and they can stain a desk. 

- paint brushes - a good selection here

Where Smiley swims. 
#hampsteadheath #ha

Step 1

Draw your Grids

1. Draw a 2cm square grid over your Gran print and then draw the same size grid on your plain paper (see picture).


Step 2.

Draw your Gran using the grid to guide you.


Start with a simple outline shape


You can then shade in the darker areas


At this point either start painting or keep refining the tones in your drawing.


When you start to paint, stick to 4 tones at first. It'll be easier to break down the picture by picking out the strongest lights and darkest and then two mid-tones. Once you have completed the simplified drawing you can add more details and subtleties.

...continue until you think you are happy with your completed is one I did earlier ( you may have to scroll down after the jump)

Hello Moses.jpg

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