Sound Waves

'Sound Pictures'

An interdisciplinary research conference generously funded by the British Society of Aesthetics.

Sound Waves

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Philosophy in Museums and Galleries

What we do and where we do it

We do philosophy. We do it inside Galleries and Museums.  We do it with curious freethinkers from all over the world.

Within a city as culturally diverse as London, it may come as a surprise to find out that we are the only organisation that is dedicated to bringing analytic philosophy into Galleries and Museums. Find out more about our ongoing events at the National Gallery, The Tate, The Photographers Gallery by following us on twitter @PhilosophyArts or our Philosophy and Visual Arts website which includes films, interviews, reviews and behind the scenes extras from our events.  


Brassey & Anscomb

Philosophy of Photography

Hybrid Artforms

Brassey & Wilder


Past Events

Tate Britain

Here are some links to past events.

What Makes Us Human? @ Tate Britain

The Gaze, seminar @ Tate Britain

The Body, seminar @ Tate Britain

Anxiety, seminar @ Tate Britain

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Interviews with Artists

I have also produced several films for King's College, London which you can see here:

Kenny Hunter on Hegel

Hester Reeve on Bohm Dialogue

Artist Interview: Noemi Lakmaier


Topic led Interviews

An ongoing project that engages with artists on a more informal level and explore contact points between contemporary academic philosophy and current art making practices. 

  1. Ted Hunt & the Philosophy of Time

  2. Nicola Durvasula & Expressivity in Art

  3. Clio Barnard & the Philosophy of Film

  4. Max Barstow & the Philosophy of Photography

  5. Joseph Kendra on Morality & Art

  6. Lucy Dahlsen on the Philosophy of Portraits

Artist Residency

Sense of Time

The recent residency included a successful collaboration between Professor Matt Soteriou and Artist Ted Hunt which featured in the Bush House Exhibition 2019. See the film about it here


All Too Human: Anxiety & The Philosophy of Art

Listen here to Sacha Golob and Vanessa Brassey in conversation on ‘Anxiety’. This was recorded in advance of CPVA’s Tate Britain panel and workshop – Sat 2nd June (2018) from 13:00.

Image by Marcela Laskoski

Performances and Conferences

'Sound Pictures' - academic conference (organiser) based in King's College, London [postponed]

Making Posters

Public Events

'Art, Pray Love' - weekend course, Royal Academy of Art, London, [postponed]

Man with Mask

Philosophy Events

'Narratives Now' - academic conference (co-organiser), [postponed]​

Museum 2

New Events

Please get in touch about future events/collaborations