The Pleasures of Regret

Made in collaboration with The National Gallery, this 15 minute file is written, produced, presented and directed by Dr Vanessa Brassey.


'The Sublime' - Produced and directed by Vanessa Brassey for the National Gallery, featuring Sacha Golob, Reader in Philosophy at King's College London.


Trailer for 'The Pleasures of Regret'


A short film primer accompanying journal article in Philosophy Compass 'The Expression of Emotion in Pictures'. Written, presented, and produced by Dr Vanessa Brassey


'Art, Pray, Love" a powerpoint presentation about paintings in The National Gallery collection. Written and presented by Dr Vanessa Brassey


A short introductory film about the Centre for Philosophy and Art, King's College London


Brassey & Anscomb

Philosophy of Photography

Hybrid Artforms

Brassey & Wilder

Panel Events CPVA.png


Interviews with Artists

I have also produced several films for King's College, London which you can see here:

Kenny Hunter on Hegel

Hester Reeve on Bohm Dialogue

Artist Interview: Noemi Lakmaier


Topic led Interviews

An ongoing project that engages with artists on a more informal level and explore contact points between contemporary academic philosophy and current art making practices. 

  1. Ted Hunt & the Philosophy of Time

  2. Nicola Durvasula & Expressivity in Art

  3. Clio Barnard & the Philosophy of Film

  4. Max Barstow & the Philosophy of Photography

  5. Joseph Kendra on Morality & Art

  6. Lucy Dahlsen on the Philosophy of Portraits

Artist Residency

Sense of Time

The recent residency included a successful collaboration between Professor Matt Soteriou and Artist Ted Hunt which featured in the Bush House Exhibition 2019. See the film about it here


All Too Human: Anxiety & The Philosophy of Art

Listen here to Sacha Golob and Vanessa Brassey in conversation on ‘Anxiety’. This was recorded in advance of CPVA’s Tate Britain panel and workshop – Sat 2nd June (2018) from 13:00.