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Paintings & Prints 

Thank you for stopping by. My studio is based in North London and I exhibit regularly in Hampstead and Highgate. The best way to find out about new paintings is to follow me on instagram but here is a little bit more information on some of my collections.

- New for 2023 - 2024 -

Artist Residency at Forty Hall Vineyards (London).

This year, Forty Hall Vineyard faces its biggest challenge to date, having been brought to the brink by the storm of the pandemic and three wet summers. The upcoming harvest teeters on a precarious edge; it could be either Forty Hall Vineyard's most bountiful yield or its most devastating failure. On a recent visit, the jeopardy to this interlaced network of friendships and cheerful volunteers was starkly evident. Imagine painstakingly nourishing a vine back to good health using only organic and traditional means, only to be forced to watch it succumb to mildew while being unable to gather on-site as a team. This image captures the adversity and vulnerability faced by the vineyard in these trying times. Despite the immense challenges, the community's unwavering commitment to sustainability and social enterprise continues to guide them, turning a season of potential despair into a testament to resilience and unity.

Work in Progress for Painting Collection 2024-5.

Ongoing Collections:

Hampstead Heath: A series celebrating the quiet pathways and historic views of the estate and park. Exhibited at Cass Art Hampstead, The Lido Cafe, Kalendar Highgate, and MUST Hampstead (2022-3). 

The Euphoria of the Ponds : Paintings & Films exploring the joy of the swimming community on Hampstead Heaths encompassing the iconic Parliament Hill Lido, Highgate Men's Pond, Mixed Ponds, and The Ladies Pond. Please contact me by email for commissions.


A Brush with Philosophy Introducing the brand new creative format that will really get you thinking. Series III live event was hosted by King’s College London, Bush House, October 2022. 

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