(Sold) Hampstead Heath III

(Sold) Hampstead Heath III

Pond No.1, Hampstead Heath (2020)

Acrylic Inks on handmade Kadi paper, Watercolour paper or Board

S  - 12 cm by 12 cm

M - 20cm by 20 cm

L  - 40 cm by 40 cm

This painting is available for commission. Please email enquiries.


This is a painting of 'Locaton HH2 Hampstead No.1 Pond'. That's the official name on the sign. But most of us know it as the pond featured in the film Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Gary Oldman takes a dip in it.  I painted it during Corona era 1.0 in celebration of submitting my PhD. The original version is in my sketchbook but I can reproduce it on Handmade Kadi paper (size approx 12 by 12cm). 


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