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Caught in a snapshot on a vintage style Saint-Émilion wine box lid, there's a lone swimmer slicing through the icy blue ripples of Parliament Hill Lido. It's a fiery flash of exhilaration, a morning splash that's as awakening as the first rays of London's sunrise. This is how you kickstart a day that promises laughter and challenge, and ends with a toast, clinking glasses filled with something splendidly sippable. 


Oil on Wine Box Lid

30cm by 20cm



The Lido on Saint-Émilion Wine Box Lid


    Francesca Mack, London

    “I received the print this morning and it's absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the speedy dispatch"

    Kornelia Mund, UK

    "I'm so happy with my Little Haiku Swimmer. She brings a quiet joy to my walls."

    Jonny Kelner, Ca USA

    “We love our paintings of Hampstead Heath. A reminder of the best days at home.”

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