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Forty Hall Vineyard

I am Artist in Residence at Forty Hall Residence which is frankly, an utter privilege. I will write more about this soon, for now I'm working on the pictorial story that celebrates this unique area in London.



A good and serious project generating seriously good wine. Income from the sale of Forty Hall Vineyard's award winning wines is put straight back into their mental health and wellbeing project.

"Outstanding ... worthy of a place among the best sparkling wines of the UK"

Jancis Robinson


Artist in Residence 

Vanessa's residency at Forty Hall Vineyard is a unique opportunity to capture each season's essence. Raindrops, labor, unity – each aspect will be captured and depicted to build a collection of paintings that tells the story of this resilient, intertwining community of volunteers facing unprecedented challenges in 2023.



Art on a winebox

Vanessa Brassey creates a unique collection of landscape and waterscape scenes on vintage and premier cru wine boxes. More information and links to the collection to follow.


Get in Touch

For more information about the paintings produced as part of this residency, please contact Vanessa via the email address. Or follow on instagram for real-time updates. 


Work in Progress

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