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"To paint three elements are required, the hand, the eye, and the heart. Two won't do." Chinese proverb.


My name is Vanessa Brassey.

I am a figurative painter and academic philosopher.

These are surprisingly sympathetic activities which allow me to investigate a number of unsolved puzzles using a wide variety of tools. 

Mostly, these puzzles are about emotions, pictures, and perception.

In my own picture making, I aim to capture the transient emotions that make up the quicksilver of our lives. My primary tools for this are colour and perspective. More on this here

I am also a Visiting Researcher at King's College London, Director of the Centre for Philosophy and Art, and a JRSP 2021 Short List Art & Knowledge Awardee. My work in philosophy encompasses academic research and publications and also magazine articles, talks, and gallery events.

At the moment I work primarily on projects that straddle both academic analytic philosophy and fine art painting. 



26TH APRIL - 15TH MAY 2022

'Lido or Pond, which swimmer are you?' New paintings and prints about swimming on the Heath. 

Prices start at £50 (unframed postcard size paintings) 

This collection is growing and developing in response to feedback and input from the wonderful swimmers - please add your voice by filling in the form below.


Pond or Lido - which swimmer are you?

Thank you for participating in this project about the community of Lido and Pond Swimmers at Hampstead Heath. I plan to incorporate your feedback into the paintings and a film. You can choose to participate anonymously or opt-in to stay in touch (in which case I may contact you for an interview for the film). I'll post the progress of this series on my instagram.

How often do you swim? (delete as appropriate)
How long have you been swimming at the Heath? (delete as appropriate)
Do you swim...(delete as appropriate)
Do you tend to go to swimming...?

Thanks for your feedback!

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