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 Beguiling gold leaf.heic
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I am a figurative painter and academic philosopher.
These are surprisingly sympathetic activities which allow me to investigate a number of unsolved puzzles using a wide variety of tools. 
Mostly, these puzzles are about emotions, pictures, and perception.

Acrylic Ink Early Morning Swim at The Ladies Pond.jpg

In my own picture making, I aim to capture the transient emotions that make up the quicksilver of our lives. My primary tools for this are colour and perspective. More on this here

I am also the British Society of Aesthetics Postdoctoral Fellow, 2022-2023, based at King's College London. More on this here

I work on projects that straddle philosophy and fine art painting.

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The united states of EUPHORIA

Is Love Moral?

The Pleasures of Regret - Art and Emotion The National Gallery

What's On 2022-3:

Hampstead Heathscapes and Portrait Paintings

June - October 11  2022
Paintings and Prints for sale

7 October 2022
'The United States of Euphoria' film and panel event

'A first brush with Philosophy'
October 12th - 17th 2022
installation and interactive clinics

The Pictorial Narrator (presentation)
Aesthetic Perception & Cognition Conference
20-21 October 2022, Uppsala (Sweden

'Pond or Lido? Which swimmer are you?' 
MUST Hampstead
November 2022 - January 2023
63 South End Road, Hampstead, London, NW3 2QB
Paintings and Prints for Sale


25 November 2022
'IS LOVE MORAL?'film and panel event

Christmas Exhibition @ Parliament Hill Lido Cafe
December 2022
Original paintings for sale (GroupShow)


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