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Gallery Shadows

I am a figurative painter and academic philosopher.
These are surprisingly sympathetic activities which allow me to investigate a number of unsolved puzzles using a wide variety of tools. 
Mostly, these puzzles are about emotions, pictures, and perception.

VB12_2022_Brisk and Early Morning Swim at The Ladies Pond_18x13cm_Oil on metal Trayframed_
VB59_Ready for anything now(getting out the water)10by10 .jpg

What's On, Spring 2023

The Affordable Art Fair Hampstead Heath
Hampstead Heath Pond & Lido Series
Gallery: The Bakery, Portobello
May 10th - 15th 2023, London

Time for Beauty (Virtual Conference)
Three philosophical (research) films you can watch now

Time for Depiction

Time for Musical Pictures

Time for Expressiveness
Broadcasting May - July 2023 

Invited Speaker - 'The Pictorial Narrator'
(Philosophy) Narration & Narrators
May 2023, Barcelona

Invited Speaker - 'Time for Beauty'
(Philosophy) Rubinoff Foundation 
June 2023, Hornby Island, Canada

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Time for Beauty Introduction

Time for Expressiveness, Ep 3 of 'Time for Beauty' generously sponsored by the BSA

Time for Musical Pictures, Ep 2 - Time for Beauty (sponsored by the BSA)

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