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In a burst of exhilaration, a man executes a majestic somersault through the air, a moment of pure freedom above the waters of The Men's Pond in Hampstead Heath. This scene, cheered on by friends, is more than just a dive; it's a joyful rebellion against the ordinary. Suits and ties cast aside, they embrace a wild dash of liberty, savoring these golden moments of camaraderie and liberation just before the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of adventure and escape.


Oil on metal 

20cm by 20cm

Framed and ready to hang

The Men's Pond in Summer Hampstead Heath


    Francesca Mack, London

    “I received the print this morning and it's absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the speedy dispatch"

    Kornelia Mund, UK

    "I'm so happy with my Little Haiku Swimmer. She brings a quiet joy to my walls."

    Jonny Kelner, Ca USA

    “We love our paintings of Hampstead Heath. A reminder of the best days at home.”

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